A Guide to Getting Started

Welcome to Kaigo!

The following questions will provide us with some guidance on how to properly understand your services and business structure. This ensures that we cast the proper light on your business when we engage with the local community. Not to worry, there are no perfect answers to these questions. Just provide as much information as you can and our team will help you fill in the gaps on your upcoming set-up call.

We are excited to have you on board!


Please provide a list of all your locations
Please provide a link to your Resume - C.V. or email a copy to promotions@kaigohealth.com
Please provide a link to any high-resolution pictures you would like us to include on your Feature Page or email a copy to promotions@kaigohealth.com
Please list names of staff members and their duties
Please highlight your services you would like us to focus on promoting for your practice
Describe your ideal patient
Please provide us with a link to view your patient forms & any marketing materials
Please provide your social media usernames/handles
Please share a unique experience involving your practice that highlights your medical expertise. You might want to consider industry trends and who could be impacted by this story (i.e.: new surgery methods, inventions, success stories, partner specific recovery plans, etc).