Kaigo is hassle-free healthcare.

Kaigo upgrades the way you and your company experience healthcare. With our Personal Care Assistants (PCAs), a dedicated team of doctors and community of wellness partners, Kaigo removes the hassle from healthcare. 

With Kaigo, companies and employees benefit in a number of ways:

For Employees

  • Immediate access to Kaigo doctors and specialists 
  • More prompt treatment
  • Special health incentives from Kaigo partners
  • Fewer doctor office visits
  • Fewer overall out-of-pocket costs 
  • Save time and money on billing errors
  • Happier, healthier lives


For Companies

  • High employee engagement and usage
  • All employees can utilize Kaigo: Full time or part time
  • Lower year over year premium increases
  • Less time away from the job
  • Save time explaining coverage to employees
  • Streamline healthcare and makes insurance simple
  • Happier, healthier employees