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  • IBNFC Certified Nutrition Coach


  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Workout/Sports Performance
  • Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Changes
  • Improved Energy & Concentration
  • Nutrition Education
  • Reduce Blood Pressure
  • Reduce Cholesterol
  • Improve Blood Glucose Stabilization, Pre-diabetes, Diabetes



  • Individual & Group Nutrition Coaching
  • Nutrition Speaking Engagements 

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Professional Statement

Thank you for choosing Paul McCarthy!

Paul started Balanced Lifestyle Nutrition in 2013. He is here to assist his clients manage weight loss and get healthier by educating them about their nutrition, improving their diet and guiding them to lead a healthier lifestyle. He also assists clients managing chronic conditions, such as diabetes, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Helping people reach their ideal health is a new life mission for Paul, and one he is very serious about.  Five years ago he spent the night in the ER getting his heart reset. Paul was having a relaxing night at home watching TV when he noticed his heart was fluttering off and on. The doctor gave him two options to try to fix it, medications to try to get it back into a normal rhythm, or hook up the defibrillator. When he opted for the shock, they put the defibrillator pads on and did it...but it didn't work.   

                   "I looked up at my wife, her eyes were tearing up. That was the moment I knew my life going forward was going to be different. My lifestyle wasn't much different from anyone else I knew. I had the normal work & family stress, didn't sleep enough, drank a lot of coffee, binge drank at happy hours, ate what I thought was healthy foods and exercised occasionally. For my body, this wasn't good enough. They tried the defibrillator again and luckily this time it worked, everything went back to normal and has been perfectly fine since. Several cardiologist visits and a multitude of tests later I was told my heart was perfectly healthy. I just wasn't taking care of myself. That experience changed my life. I felt this overwhelming sense of responsibility to fix myself and have never felt or been in better shape in my life. And if I can do it, you can too."

Paul will create a sustainable plan, something that you can do for the rest of your life, that is educational and will get results. He is all about making people feel comfortable about achieving their goals because he has experienced this struggle first hand and discovered how ignorant he was about his health. Nutrition and fitness have become a passion because it also allows him to be more active doing more things like playing ice hockey and cycling; he hopes that other people will become more healthy so that they can discover new parts of themselves and more activities they enjoy.

I tried Weight watchers and other eating plans but could not get below a certain number on the scale. In the first two weeks of Paul’s program, I broke through that number and it’s still dropping a month in. How? For the first two weeks, you give up dairy, carbs and sugar, alcohol etc. Sound insane? I was surprised how easy it was and believe me, I ate a lot of dairy, carbs and sugar.
After the first two weeks, you start to work some of those back in. Paul is your guru to help you. He’s personable and always available. Even without all the goodies, I was never hungry (in fact, I was almost too full). You must have some discipline but it can be done.
— Paul L.
After our initial meeting, I knew this was going to be good. Paul was clearly well educated and lives by the same program he teaches. He made it simple, easy to understand and stress free. Our conversations around food were realistic and obtainable. He also never made me feel bad or defeated when I had off weeks. He encouraged me at a time when I felt unsure of my body and if I would ever get back to myself.
His guidance over just a few months helped me to lose almost 13lbs, inches off my waist and drop major body fat.
— Abby M.