Kaigo has an internal team devoted exclusively to building and optimizing a group of specialists that our Personal Care Assistants refer to when you need to get medical advice. Our goal is to send you to the upper echelon of exceptional doctors or health specialists where you’ll have the best experience. Part of our commitment to achieving this great member experience is ensuring that the service provided as well as financial obligations make sense. Our doctors and specialists offer a wide range of payment options including fee for service options, working with members insurance and subscription based/direct care options.

We’re vetting specialists in your communities, so we can send you to those that will provide you with the best experience!

If a prospective specialist passes our rigorous screening test, we pay them a visit and check out their practice. We choose physicians and practitioners with great personalities; who are passionate about their profession and nurture their interests; whose offices are orderly and comforting; and who appreciate timeliness and kindness.