Kaigo Health Partner Dr. Kenneth Rictor Named Direct Primary Care Physician For Menno Haven's 440 Employees


Innovative health platform Kaigo Health is making its mark in South Central Pennsylvania today after the senior housing establishment Menno Haven Retirement Communities announced their employ of the direct primary care services of Dr. Kenneth Rictor, a health partner on the Kaigo Health platform.

Kaigo's novel response to the current state of healthcare has been the creation of the Personal Care Assistant (PCA) role, a knowledgeable and friendly health advocate dedicated to creating a hassle-free experience for individuals and families.

PCAs can help in nearly every area of health, from finding and scheduling referred specialists to ensuring that all doctors on a patient's medical team are in contact and aware of medical treatments in progress. PCAs also specialize in creating full care plans for members, taking into account everything from nutrition to mental health.

In addition to receiving care from Dr. Rictor, Menno Haven's 440 employees will have unlimited access to PCAs who will schedule doctor visits and help implement wellness plans through Dr. Rictor. In many cases, the PCAs will also act as liaisons between the patients and the insurance company, ensuring a seamless and less-stressful health experience for all staff members.

Dr. Kenneth Rictor brings over 30 years of medical experience to Kaigo. He established the Hospital Ethics Committee at the Chambersburg Hospital and served as Chairman of the Family Medicine department for 7 years. Aside from his doctoral duties, Dr. Rictor writes and speaks on the subject of preventative care and wellness. He published “Who Cares for Me? – A Caregiver Guide” that outlines his passion for community wellness.